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Jul 18

My new babies, who I actually adopted on a whim. The black one is Plum Pudding and the cream one is Cherry Tom Ato. Plum is much more calm than Cherry right not, but hopefully that will change.

We went into the pet store to pick up some crickets for a snake and we kinda found our way to the rodent tanks. I was originally gonna take home some feeder mice as pets, because I’ve had them as pets before, but then the guy working there suggested the rats that had been put up for adoption. They came with one small cage and a friend gave me an extra cage she had with a little tube to connect them.

They’re eating cherry tomatoes, a few carrot slivers, and some rat food pellets. Cherry actually bit me and one of my friends, but I think that’s just purely out of nervousness and new surroundings, because she was fine when we held her at the store.

If there’s anyone with any rat experience that would like to offer me some good advice, I’d appreciate it. I know they need one big cage instead of two small ones, but I’m going to wait a few weeks so I can build up some funds for a good one.

Also, my mom was a little uneasy when she first saw them, but now she’s only worried about the cats getting to them. And, I actually had to remove one of the astronaut bubbles on their tank because one of the rats, or a cat, pulled/pushed it off the tank and Plum left. I woke up to a Plum Pudding cuddling me.

  1. nastybeanlady said: CUTIES
  2. soylent-queen said: Aw, babies!! eue The fact that Plum got out and really only used that to cuddle is hilarious, though.
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